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Smart Mortgage Protection Plus

Learn how to convert you mortgage Protection Insurance into a Tax free Income bucket. Have you heard of the new state-regulated cash value optimized mortgage protection program, that helps you pay off your mortgage, while building additional streams of Tax-Free income to supplement for your retirement?

Smart Retirement Plan

You may qualify for a tax-free, IRS approved retirement account. Most people don't believe me when I say “tax-free.” But, it is true , and it’s called a TFRA retirement account, and…, you may qualify for a tax-free, IRS approved retirement account. Once you’ve set it up, all the money you put into it, make from it, then take from it, it is true, 100 % tax-free.

Smart Insurance Plus

Get pre-qualify for life insurance that works as a high yield investment and where you can choose to take your death benefit while you are alive. No medical exams required. Just a few Health questions and verification and you are all set.

Smart College Plan

No parent wants to compromise the quality of their children’s education, yet tuition costs continue to rise. Whether you’re preparing to send your first - or fifth - child to college, I am here to share useful tactics on how to effectively support your children’s future while still saving for yours. Get a college Degree without Debt. Get A Tax-Free Million Dollar Baby Account Today

Smart Business Strategy

-        Taxes are by far your biggest financial burden when it comes to building wealth. In order to efficiently build wealth, most intelligent investors have been using TAA like Index Universal Life (IUL) to maximize their investment and retirement savings. As of January 2021, you can now put more money than ever before into an IUL account to avoid unnecessary spending on taxes.

Smart Exit Plan for Truckers

-       See how truckers are retiring early while keeping a steady 6 figure annual income for life -- Without ever going back OTR