How To Build College Fund For Kids Using Our Smart College Plan On a Budget, Starting From Scratch

What if you are able to pay for your kid's college, get them their first car, first house, prepare for their wedding and set them up with a retirement account so that they will never out-live their retirement income before their 30th Birthday and do this debt free?

Does that make sense to you?

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Unlike most traditional college fund accounts like the 529, this Account comes with the following extra benefits, which we will discuss in this Masterclass:

1. No risk of losses due to market downturns.

2. Money grows tax-deferred and you take out your money tax-free.

3. Principal and gains are protected by the indexed strategy.

4. Comes with an insurance component that can help pay for your mortgage, debts, or medical expenses while you are alive or simply leave a huge legacy to your loved ones.

5. No contribution limit,

6. No early withdrawal penalty

7. No limit on how much you can take out of your account

8. Higher rates of returns on your savings depending on the index strategy you chose.

9. Protected against inflation and avoids probate if owner dies

10. Kids as young as 2weeks can qualify for this account and they can use it to pay for tuition, marriage expenses, first car, first home or literally anything without having to plunge into debts.

Take advantage of this account now SET UP YOUR CHILD FOR LIFE and legally hide your money from the IRS.

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