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Remi EM Ntui, CEO/Co-Founder

RemiRose Corporation

Remi Ntui is CEO and Co-founder of RemiRose Corporations with over 8 years proven track records of helping individuals and family gain financial freedom. As Licensed financial professional, building a strong financial Foundations For Families To Empower Them Today And Leave A Legacy For Tomorrow has always been my passion.  I teach people how to utilize the power of leverage to make money even in their sleep. More importantly I teach people how to legally minimize the effects of taxes on their investments and income.

I specialized in helping families/individuals in areas of

· Tax-free Retirement planning

· Tax-free investments -Tax-free college savings funds,

· Debt Relief

· Cash Value Life Insurance with Living Benefits.  


What We Do.

Some of my most powerful programs that have changed lots life include but limited to,

Make Money Now!

Affiliate Marketing Academy

Wealth AutoPilot

The Trucker’s Hub

The Financial Ecosystem

The Agent Hub

Our Specialty is empowering entrepreneurs, families and individuals launch their own family banks and become their own source of financing. For the past 3 years we’ve helped families generate over 20 million in wealth. We used these same techniques and strategies personally and within our family.

I have always learned to never ignore information because it is the greatest tool that God has used to turn my life around. Today, my wife Rosemary and I are co-founders of 3 companies;

Remirose Corporation (multifaced Financial legacy development and coaching company), 

Remirose Transportation Services ( a moving and freight company)

Freedom Worldwide Mission Inc ( a 501c3 Charity organization) all based in Wichita Falls Tx